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Boyds Winter Holiday Tigger Christmas Ornament

Boyds Tigger Plush Winter Holiday Ornament

Boyds Tigger Plush Winter Holiday Ornament

This is the Boyds Tigger Christmas ornament from their Winter Holiday collection, released in 2000.

It is a stuffed Tigger plush, with Tigger wearing a green knit scarf and a green knit ski cap.  The cap has an embroidered snowflake.

The tags on the ornament indicate that this was sold by The Walt Disney Gallery. The Boyds tag states the the style number is #95975DS, and that this ornament is part of the Boyds Bears & Friends ARCHIVE COLLECTION.

The matching 12″ tall plush that paired with this 5-1/2″ ornament originally sold for $45.

2015 Disney Store Tigger Ornament

2015 Disney Store Tigger Ornament

2015 Disney Store Tigger Ornament

This is the 2015 Tigger Christmas Ornament from the Disney Store.

It features Tigger wearing a red and green striped scarf and a red Santa hat, holding a towering stack of three presents, all tied up with a bow. Tigger’s tail is adorned with a bell, tied to the tail with a green ribbon. The red hanging ribbon attached to the top of the ornament has a gold “2015” charm.

The official Disney marketing text describes the 4 1/2″ tall, hand-painted ornament with the following:

THAT’S A WRAP: Giving gifts is what Tiggers do best. Bearing an armful of Christmas presents, Tigger adds some bounce to the holidays with this detailed figural sketchbook ornament featuring him with his Santa hat and a jingle bell on his tail.

This ornament is part of the Disney Store Sketchbook Ornament Collection series, and originally sold for $12.95

2015 Hallmark Keepsake Tigger Ornament: Ice Fishin’ Friends

2015 Hallmark Ice Fishing Friends Tigger Ornament

2015 Hallmark Ice Fishing Friends Tigger Ornament

This is the 2015 Hallmark Keepsake Collection ornament featuring Tigger and Pooh, entitled ICE FISHIN’ FRIENDS. It is part of the Winnie The Pooh collection. It was designed by Nello Williams.

It features Tigger and Pooh sitting on a snow-covered log, fishing for honey bees in a hunny pot. Tigger is wearing a blue scarf, while Pooh wears a green scarf.

The ornament is larger than most, with a solar cell powering the Hallmark Magic Solar Motion animated action, with Tigger’s tail wagging and Pooh’s arms moving the fishing pole up and down, trying to catch some hunny.

The box has BELIEVE IN MAGIC on one side.  On the back of the box is the following:

Pooh and Tigger’s Christmas Wishes
Include some hunny-coated fishes!
Perhaps, before the day is through,
these friends will catch some laughter, too!

Place the ornament in direct light to activate the solar cell that powers the movement of Pooh’s arms and Tigger’s tail.

This ornament originally sold at Hallmark for $29.95.