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2002 Hallmark Ornament – Tigger’s Springy Tree

Tigger's Springy Tree

Tigger’s Springy Tree

This 2002 Hallmark Keepsake ornament is entitled¬†TIGGER’S SPRINGY TREE.

Tigger is wearing a Santa hat, and holding a green glittery, sparkly Christmas Tree-shaped spring, which is adorned with a gold star.

This Hallmark ornament originally sold for $9.95.  The poem on the back of the box reads:

Tigger bounced around the Wood,
as only Tigger could,
and made a big discovery –
“Yahoooo! A springy Christmas tree!
And that spells F-U-N to me!”

The box indicates that this ornament was handcrafted, and is – of course – “for decorative use only, not for young children.”

1999 Plush Tigger with Christmas Tree ornament

Plush Tigger with Christmas Tree Ornament

Plush Tigger with Christmas Tree Ornament

This plush Tigger ornament from The Disney Store originally retailed for $5.50. It’s from the 1999 merchandise line entitled A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER.

Tigger is wearing a red plaid scarf, and is holding a decorated Christmas tree, complete with star on top, ready to be planted in the ground.