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Boyds Winter Holiday Tigger Christmas Ornament

Boyds Tigger Plush Winter Holiday Ornament

Boyds Tigger Plush Winter Holiday Ornament

This is the Boyds Tigger Christmas ornament from their Winter Holiday collection, released in 2000.

It is a stuffed Tigger plush, with Tigger wearing a green knit scarf and a green knit ski cap.  The cap has an embroidered snowflake.

The tags on the ornament indicate that this was sold by The Walt Disney Gallery. The Boyds tag states the the style number is #95975DS, and that this ornament is part of the Boyds Bears & Friends ARCHIVE COLLECTION.

The matching 12″ tall plush that paired with this 5-1/2″ ornament originally sold for $45.

Lead Crystal Tigger Jester Ornament

Crystal Tigger Jester

Crystal Tigger Jester

This lead crystal ornament is of Tigger, dressed as a clown or jester, holding a honey pot and a paint brush.

This ornament has a sticker on its back that says “24% Full Lead Crystal, Made in U.S.A.”. It was packaged in a red fabric bag, set inside a red box.  The box has a marketing sticker of the Tigger ornament on it (to differentiate from other crystal ornament boxes released that year).

The box is marked as “A Disney Exclusive”, and the ornament is from the “Disney Merry Crystals” collection of “Crystal Holiday Ornaments”.

The ornament was sold at The Disney Store, with an original price of $13.50.  The price sticker indicates that the item contains “no color”, and is also labeled as “St. George”.  The UPC number for this ornament was 400158991234.

2003 Boyds Collection: Pooh and Friends Holiday Caroling Ornament

2003 Boyd Tigger Caroling with Pooh and Piglet

2003 Boyd Tigger Caroling with Pooh and Piglet

This ornament is from the Boyds Collection of POOH’S HUNDRED ACRE WOOD pieces and was released in 2003.

The box is marked HOLIDAY CAROLING and has a sticker indicating that this is a limited edition run of 3600 pieces.  Also on the box is the description POOH AND FRIENDS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2003.

Tigger is wearing a green scarf, along with a caroling hat in black, decorated with holly.  Along for the ride are Tigger’s friends Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Piglet.  They’re holding a sign that reads “Happy Holidays”.  Piglet is holding a “2003” sign.