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2015 Hallmark Keepsake Tigger Ornament: Ice Fishin’ Friends

2015 Hallmark Ice Fishing Friends Tigger Ornament

2015 Hallmark Ice Fishing Friends Tigger Ornament

This is the 2015 Hallmark Keepsake Collection ornament featuring Tigger and Pooh, entitled ICE FISHIN’ FRIENDS. It is part of the Winnie The Pooh collection. It was designed by Nello Williams.

It features Tigger and Pooh sitting on a snow-covered log, fishing for honey bees in a hunny pot. Tigger is wearing a blue scarf, while Pooh wears a green scarf.

The ornament is larger than most, with a solar cell powering the Hallmark Magic Solar Motion animated action, with Tigger’s tail wagging and Pooh’s arms moving the fishing pole up and down, trying to catch some hunny.

The box has BELIEVE IN MAGIC on one side.  On the back of the box is the following:

Pooh and Tigger’s Christmas Wishes
Include some hunny-coated fishes!
Perhaps, before the day is through,
these friends will catch some laughter, too!

Place the ornament in direct light to activate the solar cell that powers the movement of Pooh’s arms and Tigger’s tail.

This ornament originally sold at Hallmark for $29.95.

Tigger Animation Sketch Glass Ornament – Christmas Collection

Tigger Sketch Glass Ornament

Tigger Sketch Glass Ornament

This glass Christmas ornament ball is from Disney’s CHRISTMAS COLLECTION series.

It features three sketches of Tigger showing the progression an animator makes in drawing the character (the base outline, a fully outlined character, and one with final color applied), as well as Tigger’s signature autograph.  The artwork is printed on a cellophane or plastic wrap around the ornament, as opposed to being printed directly on the ball itself.

The ornament glass is pearl white.

Making an assumption from the box this ornament was sold with, other sketchbook characters in this Christmas Collection series included Pooh, Eeyore, and Piglet (each sold separately).

This ornament originally sold for $7.

2006 Tigger Santa Figurine – Possible Dreams

Santa Tigger Figurine

Santa Tigger Figurine

This figurine is of Tigger, dressed as Santa, caroling from a song book.

Tigger is fully dressed as Santa, with a Santa hat, Santa coat, Santa beard, and blue scarf. There is a bell affixed to Tigger’s tail by a red ribbon. Tigger is singing from a blue book, turned to the page for the song “Have Your Self a Merry Little Christmas Day”.

This piece is from Department 56’s CLOTHTIQUE figurine line, and is entitled “Possible Dreams”. Tigger is model number 57.71309. All Clothtique figures are handmade with individual uniqueness.

According to the marketing tag affixed to the figurine, “Possible Dreams presents the Walt Disney Showcase Collection”. The tag goes on to read the following:

Made exclusively for
Walt Disney Showcase Collection

Possible Dreams wished upon a star and came up with the delightful Clothtique Walt Disney Showcase Collection. Magical moments that only could come from Disney have been captured forever by Possible Dreams.

Old world magic blends with new technological expertise in porcelain, cloth, and other materials to create the magic of Clothtique.

The earliest records of a technique similar to Clothtique can be traced to Southern Europe.

Our search for just the right components and elements to complement the artistic sensibilities expressed in Clothtique figurines brought us to this ancient process. Intricate detailing, inspired brushwork, and realistic accessories are blended to create a truly one-of-a-kind collectible

This is the mystery, the charm, the feel that Clothtique brings to every creation; and the memories that it will bring to you for years to come.

The piece originally retailed for $35.