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2002 Bradford Edition: Pooh’s Honey Pot Express Ornament

2002 Pooh's Honey Pot Express

2002 Pooh’s Honey Pot Express

This Christmas ornament is from the 2002 Bradford Editions collection entitled A TOAST FOR LAUGHTER AND CHEER.  This is included in set nine of the Pooh’s Honey Pot Express series that Bradford Editions releases in their Heirloom Classics merchandise line.

This ornament is a train flatbed car with candy cane connectors to the other cars in the train.  The red wheels are of a wicker design.  The bed of the train car is covered in a holly wreath, covered with snow (or, more likely, white frosting).

Tigger is sitting on the front of the train car, holding a red/green colored pie in his hands, while balancing a third pie on his lap.  He’s wearing a white scarf with red stripes.

Behind Tigger is a honey pot covered with a white tablecloth. The table is set with a cookie platter and yet another pie.

The label attached to the ornament reads:

Copyright Disney. Based on the “Winnie The Pooh” works, by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

2002 Bradford Editions.


On the other side of the label, it reads:

“At Toast For
Laughter and Cheer!”
Set Nine in the
Pooh’s Honey Pot Express
Heirloom Classics
Ornament Collection

Baby Tigger Candy Cane Ornament

Baby Tigger Candy Cane Ornament

Baby Tigger Candy Cane Ornament

This fabric ornament uses the Baby Tigger character design. It was released as part of the Disney’s Christmas Collection merchandise line.

Tigger is holding a candy cane, which is adorned with a green bow.