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Tigger Greeting Card: Bouncing…

Tigger Greeting Card

Tigger’s Bouncing here today (’cause that’s what Tiggers do) to wish you the best-est birthday…

This is a Tigger greeting card.  As the sale placard states, Tigger is appropriate character for a boy’s birthday.

The front of the card reads, “Tigger’s bouncing here today (’cause that’s what Tiggers do) to wish the best-est birthday…”.

This is a musical card, featuring a portion of the song “The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers”.  The audio clip begins with the chorus lyric of “The wonderful thing about Tiggers, Tiggers are wonderful things…“, and ends immediately before the line “’cause I’M the only one!” occurs in the song.

This card was available in 2014.

Tigger Treehouse – Christmas Figurine

Tigger Treehouse figurine

Tigger Treehouse figurine

The Tigger Treehouse (with included Tigger figure at his mailbox, reading a letter from Santa) is a piece from the Disney Store collection of character-themed Christmas village displays. The Christmas lights that are hung from the treehouse light up, powered by three watch batteries in the base of the tree. A tire swing hangs from one of the branches.

The white cardboard, unmarked box is labeled as item #29056.

This was released in the mid-late 1990’s.