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Boyds Winter Holiday Tigger Christmas Ornament

Boyds Tigger Plush Winter Holiday Ornament

Boyds Tigger Plush Winter Holiday Ornament

This is the Boyds Tigger Christmas ornament from their Winter Holiday collection, released in 2000.

It is a stuffed Tigger plush, with Tigger wearing a green knit scarf and a green knit ski cap.  The cap has an embroidered snowflake.

The tags on the ornament indicate that this was sold by The Walt Disney Gallery. The Boyds tag states the the style number is #95975DS, and that this ornament is part of the Boyds Bears & Friends ARCHIVE COLLECTION.

The matching 12″ tall plush that paired with this 5-1/2″ ornament originally sold for $45.

Tigger Stocking Holder, with Fireplace

Tigger Stocking Holder

Tigger Stocking Holder

This Tigger stocking holder was released in 2000 under the “Pooh” line of Christmas decor. It was manufactured by Santa’s Best.

It features Tigger listening for Santa at the chimney, ready with a glass of milk and plate full of cookies. Tigger’s holding a letter that reads, “Dear Santa, From Tigger”.

Tigger’s tail hangs below the base of the figure, acting as the hook for the stocking to be hung.