2002 Tigger Homespun Ornament, with Ski

2002 Tigger Homespun Skiing

2002 Tigger Homespun Skiing

This Tigger ornament is made primarily of fabric, with a wooden ski accent. The ski is imprinted with the date “2002”.

Tigger is wearing a red ski sweater, a green scarf, and a Santa hat.  The ornament was available from The Disney Store, and classified as “ORNMNT – HOMESPUN TIGGER” in their system.

This Tigger ornament was packaged with a UPC code label that contained the following ID numbers:

  • 11-AB-12-CC-2
  • 961/01-M94U
  • 211072224 BG
  • 0265331420 25768
  • 00000009968148